Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts that popped into my head this weekend while pondering where I am going to get the extra money needed to pay for the middle class tax hike that is apparently coming even though Mr. Obama promised me I'd make MORE money as a middle class worker under his plan......

  • The New York Yankees pitchers gave up 24 runs in the two games following the trade deadline. The trade deadline that saw the Yankees acquire exactly zero pitchers in order to help them for the stretch run. Apparently, they think they are all set there.
  • Freddy Sanchez waited four games before finally making his Giants debut, following the trade then sent him to the Bay from Pittsburgh. He promptly made a throwing error from second base. He did redeem himself with a 2-rbi single to tie the game later. He's going to need about 20 game winning hits before Tim Alderson (whom the Giants traded to get him) wins 20 games in the majors for me to think this was a great trade.
  • If I had any discretionary income, I'd be investing in Gold right now. When the worst inflation in this country's history hits in about two years, Gold's going to be the only thing worth anything.
  • Terrell Owens does not make the Buffalo Bills any better. I'm sorry. They're going 7-9 this season. Again.
  • The biggest X-factor in this year's major league baseball playoffs may very well be Jason Schmidt.
  • LaDanian Tomlinson is no longer a top-5 fantasy RB. But when he slips in your drafts because he had a "down year" last year (1,300 yards still)...scoop him up. You'll be happy.
  • If you draft Frank Gore (and you should), grab Glen Coffee at the end of your draft. Just trust me.
  • It is August 3, and 18 MLB teams still have a very legitimate shot of making the playoffs (20, if you include the Mariners and Mets....which I don't). There is no competitive balance problem in baseball. This is an issue I will delve into further in it's own column later in the week.
  • Of the 18 teams still in contention, 4 of them have given up over 500 runs already (Yankees, Twins, Angels, Brewers). None of these teams felt the need to acquire any pitching at the deadline. This will cost each of these teams a shot at winning the 2009 World Series.
  • Fantasy baseball junkies - remember the name Brian Matusz. And remember I told you about him on August 3, 2009.
  • Fantasy football junkies - remember the name Andre Brown. And remember I told you about him on August 3, 2009.
  • The next time a Hollywood actor making $20 million a picture or TV show tells me that me and my middle class salary need to vote for somebody who will raise my taxes so my out-of-work neighbor can have $1 a day child care while she sits home on her ass collecting her welfare check that I pay for, I am going to punch him/her in the mouth.
  • 61 days until the Pittsburgh Penguins raise their 2008-2009 Stanley Cup banner at their home opener vs. the Rangers. I hope Marion Gaborik doesn't sprain his pinkie toe before he gets to strap on his new uni.
  • I will be watching to see who plays more games this season - Rick DiPietro (and his 15 year contract) or Marian Hossa (and his 12 year contract). The over/under is about 40 games combined for both of them.
  • There is still plenty of room on the USA Soccer bandwagon. But if you don't get on board now, the seats may fill up quick after we shock the world next year in Mexico City.
  • Jonathan Sanchez and Clay Buchholz should be traded for each other. They both suck. Yet they both threw one meaningless no hitter that kept their respective front offices from pulling the trigger on deals that could have helped their teams.
  • 1,266 days left. Say it with me. Loud and proud.

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