Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts on September's Final Weekend.....

I got my MLB Network back last night.....just in time to watch Brian Wilson torment and torture me one more time. With the Giants one strike away from pulling within 3 games of Wild Card leading Colorado, Wilson served up a 2-run home run to Jeff Baker. It was Baker's 4th home run of the season. The 26th home run of his 5 year major league career. I was crushed. I posted some very nasty words about Mr. Wilson on my facebook page. And apparently, he is not that well known to the non-San Francisco Giants fans, as I had several replies asking why I was mad at the Beach Boys. As I try to gather myself from yet another crushing Giants defeat, I offer up some of what I expect to happen on this, the final weekend in September.....

  • The Colorado Rockies finish with St. Louis, Milwaukee and the LA Dodgers. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves (only 3 1/2 games back now) finish with 7 of their last 10 games against Washington. By the end of the weekend, the Rockies and the rest of the world will be watching the Braves make a serious run at the Wild Card.
  • The New York Yankees will clinch the division against the hated Red Sox. This will lead to a lot of premature celebration on the Yankees part.
  • South Carolina will wake up Sunday Morning and be ranked anywhere from 15-18 in the AP College poll. They will get this ranking largely due to a win over an extremely overrated Ole Miss team. And then nobody will be able to comprehend how South Carolina struggles the rest of the season.
  • The Florida Gators will struggle for the first half against Kentucky, before pulling away in the 2nd half. This will lead voters to start doubting Tebow and the Gators. This will be a mistake.
  • The Miami Hurricanes will go into Blacksburg and beat Virginia Tech, vaulting them into the National Championship conversation. It will also give the Hokies their second loss of the season (both to top-10 ranked teams). They will then be ranked below South Carolina. That is a joke.
  • Texas will finally make a statement...against UTEP. So, really????
  • Houston will be shown that is not a true contender when Texas Tech beats them this weekend on their own home turf.
  • Penn State will avenge last season's loss to Iowa.....and it won't be close. But nobody will really notice because, yes, the Big 10 really is that bad.
  • Brett Favre will try to make too many plays in his home opener to impress his new fan base. And it will cost the Vikings the game.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals will prove that they are for real (they should be 2-0 as it is) when they get their signature win by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The Detroit Lions will snap their 19-game losing streak, by beating the Washington Redskins 20-17.
  • The Miami Dolphins will continue to prove that they were the beneficiaries of an overly easy schedule last year, that led them to their 11-5 record, as they fall to 0-3.
  • The San Francisco Giants will find yet another way to tease me, then crush me this only they can do (well them and high school girls from 1989-1992).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your Giants have the same record as my Marlins. Not much hope left for either of us.

  2. What if Krak made a ton of predictions about this weekend's college football and hardly one came true. Umm, Houston rolled Tech. Iowa dissed Penn St again. FLA might have put a hundy on KY if Tebow didn't get his bell rung. Leave your guessing on your day job. Guessing weight of cusomers at Disney.

  3. Houston rolled Tech? Didn't they win by one on a TD with less than a minute to go after getting rolled all game? yes. I missed the Iowa game and the Miami game. I was dead right on Texas. I was right about UF (who cares why- pollsters took 1st place votes away from them- right again by me). I was right, then wrong on Favre. I said the Lions would end their 19-game losing streak. Right again. I said Miami would go to 0-3. Hmmm, right again. The Braves closed the gap in the NL Wild Card, and they are getting national attention now and the Yankees, needing to sweep to clinch, did just that. I was right ALOT more than I was wrong this weekend. Plus, you left yourself anonymous, which means you, unlike me, didn't have the balls to announce who you were, which means you get a healthy dose of STFU.

  4. Oh wait.....this just in, Cincy just beat Pittsburgh. Man, I was right again. Maybe I'm not too bad at picking games- underdogs to win outright, even. Again - STFU!

  5. Man, that's uncanny. Almost all the first ones were badly wrong and the last ones were right on.

    Favre has really been playing not to lose this season, which is all the Viking really need from him. The only thing they were missing was a QB that wouldn't cost them games. They don't need Favre in his prime.