Thursday, September 10, 2009

What were the qualifications?

Last night, I took a stroll through and stumbled upon the ballot for the 2009 MLB Man of the Year Award. Apparently, each team gets to nominate one player for the award, and then fans vote on the award. Players like Mike Lowell, Roy Halladay, Barry Zito, Albert Pujols and Ted Lilly are up for the award. All these players are great humanitarians and do wonders for their local communities. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees nominated.....wait for it........wait for it........Alex Rodriguez. No, I'm not kidding. The quarter of a billion dollar man is the Yankees choice for Man of the Year. The man who took Performance Enhancing drugs, then lied about it (seemingly multiple times) is the Yankees choice. The Yankees nominated an adulterer who tried to throw his own cousin under the bus as their best humanitarian. Really? This is your choice, Yankees? Not Derek Jeter? What- was he too obvious a choice? What about Mark Texiera? Jorge Posada? Mariano Rivera? What exactly were the qualifications that made ARod your candidate? I really want to know.

So, now Rodriguez gets his name on a ballot with a cancer survivor (Lowell) a well known humanitarian in his community (Dan Haren) and a man who married a woman with a 3-year old who had down syndrome and now donates time and money to that cause (Albert Pujols). What am I missing here? How does Rodriguez even belong in the same sentence as these guys when it comes to anything remotely charitable? And don't tell me about all the money he donated to the University of Miami - he did that for name recognition alone. If ever someone could be selfish while donating money, ARod managed to do it.

My guess is, the qualifications the Yankees thought MLB and its fans were looking for were: overpaid, steroid using, lying, cheating, adulterer. Well, if those are the qualifications, then ARod wins. Hands down.

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